Getting There

Life with a Defender 90

You might think that it matters not what you drive to go fishing and of course it doesn’t. However, it does matter, just a little bit, to me. My fishing wagon is a Land Rover Defender 90. It doubles as the dog wagon, ‘out and about’ in the country wagon and occasional camping wagon.


Throwing the gear in the back of the Defender and listening to the TD5 engine as I pull away is all part of the experience and it pushes the right buttons.

When I go fly fishing there is an element of escaping, although it’s an escape to where I definately belong. Perhaps only for a few hours to somewhere I know well, I still want to make it a bit of an adventure.

I have always liked Land Rovers and have owned a few over the years. The Defender definitely evokes the spirit of the outdoors. Let’s be clear though, it’s not refined, it’s not comfortable. It’s slow, it’s tiring and unpredictable (well mine is), but above all it’s how I like to go fishing.

No doubt to some I’m barking mad and to many, a Defender would be their last vehicle of choice.

I agree, it’s not easy to sell the merits of driving an engine with a tin can on top but reason doesn’t come into it. If you have to ask why – you’re surely not going to get it.

Perhaps the Defender is the ultimate marmite vehicle and I’ve always loved marmite.

Mr Notherone