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Please let me know if you’d like me to add your blog here

Some blogs about fly fishing are easy to find, some (like trout) lie hidden. Some are little gems. Some are the musings of the enthusiast, some are sophisticated and more commercial. Some are updated regularly, some are not.

Here are those I have found and particularly enjoy. If you find others, please let me know.  

Troutbitten  American – lot’s of variety and a great source of information.

The Hopelessly Optimistic Angler   Great title, stories and photographs from enthusiast Simon.

Fishing in Wales  More of an information resource for fishing in Wales than a blog

The Secret Angler  Commentary on angling – saying the things no one else dares to say

Hawker-Overend   A great site from Andrew sharing a wealth of experience, much from the River Dee.

Sussex Trout Fishing   Fishing on the river Rother with Nigel (and he drives a Defender!).

Fly Fishing in Wales and Beyond   Fishing the Llyns, river and streams with Ceri. Great photographs.

Land of my Fathers…a fishermans journey  A great journal of Tony’s exploits in Wales.

Piscari-fly   Lots of information, much more than a blog.

The Outside Bend   More from the US and such a different fishing experience to my own.

Fly&Lure   Not really a blog, but so much information. Something for everyone.

The Flee & Float   A lovely site from George, including beautiful floats!

TaffDiaries  Write ups from Terry on the Taff and other Welsh rivers

Brooks and Becks   A great site focused on North Yorkshire.

Yorkshire Fly Fishing   Another great read from a long established blog.

TroutStone    A general fishing website rather than trout blog, lots of excellent information

Northern Fly   Less frequent updates but stylish!

Dry Fly ‘Expert’   One of my favourites, so much information.

Trout On Dries   Another US blog – simple with beautiful photography from Bob

928 Fly Tying   Broad and interesting content from the South West USA

Small Stream Reflections   Beautiful photographs and thoughts from Connecticut

Mr Notherone

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